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The Spark  represents a mission,  a project. 

For long Muslims have been unable to emerge from the pit of decline even though Muslim world is not  lacking in resources and material wealth, for decline is not a lack of these things but affliction with certain characteristics  that give people a mindset which is very cozy in regressive thinking and very apprehensive and insecure in thinking forward.  

Such mindset consequently is bound to produce its ill-effects in people that lead to passivity, mental lethargy, intellectual timidity and tolerance of oppression in the name of physical security and political stability. Hence Muslim world is ruled by oppressive dictators, and is unable to contribute to humanity  in any field of knowledge.

  • The Spark challenges Muslims intellectually and helps them come out of their cozy corner and look the world and its problems  in eyes and delve for solutions that are compatible and effective in modern age.
  • The Spark is an effort to let you think and reinterpret  the age old concepts  in order to make them productive of results. 
  • The Spark stand for change and progress.

We at the Editorship hope you enjoy and find the articles challenging. 

We also hope you find yourself interested enough to grab the pen and write your mind on a topic that is commensurate with the mission of the Spark. We will be glad to take it up for publication. Please click on “CONTACT US” to find out how to contribute your article. 

We will also welcome your suggestions, input and critique.

Masood N.Khan M.D.



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