1. Human rights groups have concluded that coalition airstrikes led by Saudi Arabia fully supported by the U.S. have been indiscriminately bombing Yemen, causing thousands of civilian deaths. There is enough evidence by their conclusion, to charge the coalition members including the United States for war crimes. Saudi Arabia has with arrogant shamelessness refused any kind of independent investigation of civilian deaths nor has shown any sense of accountability.

2. The World Health Organization said last year that New Delhi had the most polluted air of the nearly 1,600 cities around the world that it had surveyed. The air quality index in the city for the first week of December soared past 300 at times, according to data from the United States Embassy. This is “hazardous” by American standards — a level at which people should avoid physical activity outdoors.

3. The total number of Muslims killed over the past 13 years, by a very conservative estimate is around 600,000. The gross breakdown is as follows:
Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan: 210,000
Syria: 220,000
Bosnia: 102,000
Libya: 70,000
Yemen: 3000
Gaza in 2009 and 2014: 5000
The above figures do not include Muslims killed in
Africa, Burma, India and Kashmir

4. Wheaton College, a prominent evangelical school in Illinois, suspended Dr. Larycia Hawkins an associate professor of political science, after she posted on Facebook that Muslims and Christians “worship the same God.” She also started wearing Hijab to her class as a gesture of solidarity with Muslims who she strongly believed are unfairly made victims of hate and Islamophobia. An official of the school said Wheaton should “engage in and speak about public issues in ways that faithfully represent the College’s evangelical Statement of Faith.”

5. The Egyptian government continues its crackdown on political dissent. In July 2013 the military ousted the elected president, Mohamed Morsi through a conspiracy against his government by Gulf States headed by Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the military establishment of Egypt, both threatened by democracy and successful revolution in Egypt. Tens of thousands of perceived government opponents have been imprisoned and are facing trials in courts that human rights advocates say are seldom inclined to deliver justice. Shame on Egypt!

6. Air strikes believed to have been carried out in the province of Idlib by Russian planes have killed at least 73 people and wounded about 150, all civilians. The death toll is expected to go up in the hundreds. At least
six strikes hit a busy market place and residential areas. Yasser Hammo, a civil defense worker, said there are many corpses in the rubble. Another eye witness, Sameh Almuazin, said he has seen mangled bodies on the main Jalaa street of the city.

Since 9/11, Muslim countries have been bombed indiscriminately by western countries and now by Russia with hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people. These killings of innocent people pale to what happened in Paris. Yet there is no accountability whatsoever. The United Nations has proved itself to be an impotent organization, unable to bring the countries responsible for such killings to stand trial at the world body.

7. A Kenyan bus with a mixture of Muslim and Christian passengers was attacked by Shabab militants, who sprayed the bus with bullets killing two people, on December 19, 2015 near a place called Mandra. Following the attack, 10 militants had boarded the bus and ordered the Muslim passengers to split away from Christians who they wanted to kill. In one of the noblest act of human character all the Muslim passengers refused to comply. Abdi Mohamud Abdi, a Muslim who was among the passengers said that Muslims
not only refused to split but also passed non-Muslims their religious attire so that they could not be identified easily. The militants threatened to shoot all the passengers but still could not get any compliance. Finally they gave up and left. Julius Otieno, the deputy county commissioner, confirmed the account and BBC did a special news report on this noble and brave act by Muslims.