It is high time Muslims should roll up their sleeves and take up an active role in reshaping the culture of this country based upon restoration of its lost moral values, justice, equality and freedom. In order to confront this challenge they will have to do the following.

They should start seriously discussing the ways and means to become politically assertive in order to bring about serious changes. The international policies that the US will stand for will automatically follow the positive change domestically. The last two decades have clearly shown, beyond any doubt, that unjust and ad-hoc foreign policies of this country have contributed to military interventions globally resulting in bloodshed and messy political outcomes, not to mention more than eight thousand American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We would like to present two examples why Muslims’ involvement is so important. Both of them unfortunately are re- ective of Jewish hegemony in this country. One represents local politics and the other relates to the foreign policies of the US. The examples are indeed numerous and encompass many areas like exploitation, greed, bigotry, racism and crime.

EXAMPLE 1: A couple of weeks ago something very astonishing happened in the University of Illinois. This was reported in New York Times, as well as other news papers in the country. We refer to the electronic and printed issue dated September 12, 2014. Briey it reads as follows.

“Professor’s Angry Tweets on Gaza Cost Him a Job:”

“The trustees of the University of Illinois voted on Thursday to block the appointment of Steven Salaita, a Palestinian-American professor who had been offered a tenured position last year, following a campaign by proIsrael students, faculty members and donors who contended that his Twitter comments on the bombardment of Gaza this summer were anti-Semitic.”

In a country where academic institutions, media forums and literary circles fought tooth and nail defending Rushdi’s right to slander Islam and its Prophet in his book ‘SATANIC VERSES’, in the name of freedom of expression and dissent, there was no hesitation to deny the same right to anybody if it was going to offend Israel.

EXAMPLE 2: Please read the following letter addressed to me by a local congressman, and my reply to him.

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515
9th District of North Carolina

August 1, 2014
Masood Khan
4220 Prosperity Ch Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina, 28269-8735

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the ongoing conict between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip. Your thoughts are invaluable to me and I appreciate hearing from you. In early July, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, a ground operation targeting tunnels used by Hamas to inltrate Israeli territory. Since this conict began, Israel has shown its willingness to end the violence and pursue diplomatic resolutions. On July 15, 2014, Israel accepted an Egyptian cease re proposal to end violence in the region. In return for these efforts Israeli citizens have continued to be bombarded by rockets. The militant and terrorist factions in Palestine have continued to show a complete disregard for human life, both for Israeli and Palestinian citizens. Hamas continues to intentionally use innocent Palestinian citizens as human shields, storing and launching rockets from schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods, protected by the missile defense system, Iron Dome. The deaths of countless innocent citizens are directly attributable to the recklessness and callousness of Hamas. Israel has been a critical and strategic ally of the United States for over 60 years.

Together, our countries have stood for democracy, freedom, and human rights. The importance of Israel’s stability in the Middle East is undeniable and I will remain committed to this important relationship. On July 8, 2014, I joined the House in unanimously supporting H. Res. 657 which calls on Hamas to immediately cease attacks and expresses support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Again, on July 30, 2014, I joined my colleagues to support H. Con. Res. 107 to denounce Hamas’ use of civilians as human shields in violation of international law. Rest assured, I will remain committed to supporting Israel, defeating terrorism, and making it clear America will continue to stand side by side with our friends and allies. Thanks again for contacting me. Your suggestions are always welcome, and I hope you will continue to share them.

Serving as your Congressman is an honor, and if I may ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

Robert PittengerMember of Congress RP/cb

Mr. Pettinger,
August 1, 2014

Thank you for your reply which was deeply disappointing. You know your problem is:

1. You fail to recognize that Israel was unjustly created on someone else’ land where more than 90% population was non-Jewish.

2. You fail to recognize that underlying issue in Palestine-Israel conflict is occupation by Israel of Palestinian land .

3. You fail to recognize that Israel is a terrorist state which has been practicing apartheid, conscating Palestinian land and building settlements in violation of international law.

4. You fail to recognize that Israel has kept 1.8million people in Gaza under siege for more than 8 years.

5. You fail to recognize that Israel has kept in its prison thousands of Palestinians for years without fair trial.

You have said “ together US and Israel has stood for democracy, freedom and human rights.” Really? May I ask you a very simple question. With that claim how do you explain the history of our country’s support for ugly despotic dictators around the world. I am sorry to say you have lost the capability to objectively and honestly analyze the real issues involved in the Palestine – Israel conict. So I don’t have any expectation of just approach to this conict from you. Yet I had to share my frustration and voice of protest with you as a citizen of this country which I do strongly believe was founded on the magnicent ideals of freedom, equality and human rights but because of people like you were lost and replaced with injustice, dishonesty and complacent toleration of the countries who deny freedom to human beings.
Masood N. Khan M.D.

The challenge to change such blatant insistence on unjust and hypocritical policies should be taken up by Muslims shoulder to shoulder with all the conscientious citizens of this country who are in no small numbers. The Muslim community in America has passed the stage of social apprehensions, concerns, priorities and the instincts of self-preservation. They have passed the preliminary stages of their social evolution. They are now well established and well introduced to their fellow citizens. More over, their second generation, born and brought up in this country, are fast taking up the stage. They are well versed in English, familiar with the sociopolitical dynamics of this country and quite articulate in communication.Their concerns naturally should be beyond establishing mosques, community centers and schools. Their next leap should be in the political field. They should immediately start developing plans to be politically active, using the platforms of Islamic centers and mosques, so as to bring about a moral revolution in this country through electoral and political means, the machinery through which the laws are passed and policies are made.