Taiwan is a great success story in the world, in containing CoVid.

It has a population of 23 million and has total deaths close to 500.

United States has a population of 382 million. As per Taiwan model, by simple math, projected number of deaths in the U.S in relation to its population comes to (should have been) 8500.

Taiwan did not impose lockdown any time during the pandemic. The government only made sure that :

  1. All the suspected cases got tested.
  2. Put into action a very fool-proof system to trace the contacts of those who turned out to be positive.
  3. Those who were infected and their contacts, both then were placed in the strictest possible quarantine under governmental supervision.
  4. While this was being done, people were mandatorily required to use masks and observe social distancing, in all public places.

The above were implemented as a matter of law and order and were readily acted upon by the people who diligently did what they were supposed to do. With the above plan in action Taiwan did not have to close down businesses, schools and factories, and there was hardly any negative impact on its economy.

Compare the above simple but well structured and well implemented plan with the crowd of ignorant undisciplined science-doubters in the U.S and a confused government unfortunately led by a leader unable to handle the challenge, who saw this as a trivial problem like one often faced by a car dealer. By the way United States is technologically and medically, the most advanced country in the world.