The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

These victorious warriors, The wonderful men of yours,  Whom you have granted the taste of self-sufficiency

Who cleave rivers and woods in twain, Whose terror turns mountains into dust;

Makes one uninfluenced with glamour of both the worlds, what a strange thing it is: the pleasure of bonding love

Martydom is the aim and the purpose of a believer, Neither the booty, nor the vast empire

In the Tulip in the is, for long, waiting in the wilderness, To be adorned with the garment of Arab’s blood

You have united the dweller of the wilderness in awareness, in insight and in the call of prayer at dawn

Which the life desired, for centuries that burning passion was found in their hearts

They think it is the opening of the gate to their heart, The death is not the end of life, in their view.

Make alive in the heart of a Muslim again That Power the slogan ‘My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers’ had.                         La-Tazar (Verse 26 of Surah Nuh – No. 71 – Quran)

Awaken in them an iron will, And make their gaze a sharpened sword.