The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

You are neither for the earth nor for the heaven: The world is for you, and not you for the world.

The Mind and the Heart are the sparks of the flame of Love: The one to burn the straw, the other for burning the field of reeds.

The garden is the place to cultivate pain and its expression:

How long, will it be confined to Ravi, Nile and Euphrates? Your ship is meant for the Ocean, which knows no bounds.

Those who once were beacons to the stars, Are now reduced to waiting for somebody who knows the way.

A lofty vision, effective speech, and a passionate soul – These are the assets of the voyage for a leader of a Caravan.

It was a simple message which, an alien mind, Has exaggerated to dramatize the legend.


Dr. Sir Mohammed Iqbal,

the famous poet/philosopher of the subcontinent