The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

Lord, fill the Muslim’s heart with a desire so fervent that it will set his heart aflame and stir his soul.

Light up again every speck of dust in the Valley of Faran. Make us long again for beautiful sights, and create in us the urge to make demands.

Give piercing vision to those deprived of sight, and to show others what I have seen.

Lead the stray gazelle back to the Sanctuary. It has grown used to the city – Give it back the vastness of the desert.

Stir up again the ruins of the heart with a commotion like judgement Day. Let this empty litter once again seat a sweetheart – a Layla!

In the darkness of this age give to every troubled heart – Scars of love that would shame the moon.

Let the goals be as high as the Pleiades. Give us the calm and poise of the shore. But the freedom of the sea.

Let love be selfless and truth fearless; Let our breasts be flooded with light- Make our hearts clear as crystal.

Enable us to foresee the calamity that is coming; In the midst of today’s upheaval give us a vision of tomorrow.

Dr. Sir Mohammed Iqbal,

the famous poet/philosopher of the subcontinent