The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

Pathos of Love

O Pathos of Love! You are a luminant pearl. Beware, you are not to be revealed to those ignorant of your worth

You are rightly hidden under the veil that blocks the shallow vision of those of the modern age, fond of outward display

Sadly a novel breeze has enveloped this garden of life that has robbed the pleasurable pain of love when it unravels

Yes! you are not to be striving for ostentatiousness. You are above the affect of the nightingale’s lament in the garden!

The tulip’s cup of wine is too shallow to contain the wine of love. As the dew’s tear can only be a mere drop of water

Your secret should be hidden in the bosom somewhere. The heart-melting tears are not enough to reflect you to others

So you cannot be the colorful tongue of a poet. Nor can be a flute’s tune that sings separation of the beloved

This age is of the ignorant fond of finding faults. Better off is your abode in the heart, just stay there undiscovered

The disconcertment of the achieved knowledge is yet ignorant of you. The vision that is yet limited cannot be worthy of finding you

Let the imagination though high, remain occupied in discovering you. This gala is yet not worthy of your appearance

This world is simply struck with the fake display. While the purpose of your vision is the abode of the secret

Every heart is intoxicated with the wine of imagination. Quite different is the Sinai of today’s Moseses