The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

Once again mountains and valleys are with poppy’s lamp bright, Once again in my heart the nightingale has set new songs alight;

Flowers in the wild like fairies in the desert, in ranks are in sight? Violet, violet, azure, azure, golden, golden are their mantles bright

On the petal of flower dawn’s soft breeze has left a  pearl of dew, And the sunbeam has given this pearl a glittery and shiny hue.

If jungle is dearer for careless beauty to unveil down, You decide which one is good the jungle or the town

Delve into your soul and seek the secrets of life, If not mine? then be not mine, but belong to thy self!

World of heart-the world of pain and passion and ecstasy, Material world-the world of bargain, profit and craft of deceit.

Wealth of the heart once  acquires is never lost: Material wealth, like a shadow-now with you and now is lost.

In the world of heart I have not seen the Raj of the Afrangi, Neither I have seen either the Sheikh or the Brahman.

I melted with shame when heard the Hermit’s words, Bow down to a mortal you have lost, the body and the soul.