The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

The splendor of a monarch is worthless for the free and bold: What worth is the grandeur of a king, whose riches rest on borrowed gold?

You have hope with idols and are devoid of hope with God the Mighty: If this is not unbelief, what else the unbelief could be?

Today unfortunately luck has favored with worldly prominence to those Who are debased and have no idea to nurture people.

The eyes have power to decide the fate of the heart: So when eyes lose the liveliness so does the cheer in the heart

I am the subject of the wrath of the mighty and rich, Because I am aware of the worth of the great kings.

Who would not desire to be in the lead but, What worth is the leadership if it loses one’s self respect.

My selfless contentment has captivated the world. Whereas what worth is any verse in my poem or my poetry