The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

Those who pounced upon with the eaglish splendor, were found wingless without plumage. The stars of evening sank in the blood of the sunset but rose again.

Those who masterly swam under the sea were buried by the ocean, But those who suffered the slaps of the waves arose becoming pearls.

Those who prided themselves in the art of making gold, now are reduced to the dust of the wayside; Those who kept their foreheads in humility on the ground, emerged as discoverers of the formula to make gold.

Our soft-tempered messenger brought the tidings of life; While those who the lightning used to communicate with, emerged clueless.

The Devine Sanctuary was disgraced by the lack of fortitude of its priest; While the young Tartars emerged as great men of vision!

The angels who fly in the heavens above say this to the earth, ‘These dwellers of earth are in fact livelier, stabler and brighter indeed…

In the world, the people of faith live like the sun; Here the sink, then they arise, there they sink, here they arise!

The confidence of people is the capital to building a nation; This is the force which does determine the fate of a nation.