The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

As the star of your destiny started shining, You were picked up and brought from Abyssinia to Hijaz*

Your desolate heart then gleamed with life and your slavery became more precious than thousand freedoms

That threshold not even for a moment you could leave in some one’s Love you relished the torments

The oppression that befalls in Love is not seen as oppression, without pain, there is no pleasure in Love

Very assaying was your insight like that of Salman (Farsi)*, The more the sight (of the beloved) intoxicated you the more thirsty you became

You had the craze to see (your beloved)* like Kaleem* (prophet Musa) had and like Uwais (Qarani)* for who, so tantalizing was the power of Sight

Madinah was as if the very light of your eyes, The desert you lived in was as if the mountain of “Thur”* for you

Your passion for Sight (of the beloved) was embodiment of a humble submission, The continuous sighting of someone (the beloved) was like prayer ordained

Since eternity the adhan (the call for prayer) was the anthem of your Love, and prayer you performed was the subtle pretext for the Sight (of the beloved)

Happy was the age when Yathrib* was his abode! Happy was the time when so rampant was the Sight (of the beloved)


Hijaz: The area where the city of Madinah is located

Salman: Salman Farsi the famous companion of the Prophet

Kaleem: The epithet of Prophet Musa, meaning “one who speaks”

Uwais: Famous Uwais Qarani a companion of the Prophet in meet the Prophet

The beloved: Meaning the Prophet

Thur: The mountain where Prophet Musa (Moses) talked to God

Yathrib: The other name for Madinah