The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

The Intellect & The Heart

One day reason said to the heart: I am a guide for those who are lost.

I live on earth, but I roam the skies- just see the vastness of my reach.

My task in the world is to guide and lead, I am like Khizr of blessed steps.

I interpret the book of life, and through me Divine Glory shines forth.

You are no more than a drop of blood, While I am the envy of the priceless pearl!

The heart listened, and then said: This is true, But now look at me, And see what I am.

You penetrate the secret existence, But I see it with my eyes.

You deal with the outward aspect of things, I know what lies within.

Knowledge comes from you, gnosis from me; You seek God, I reveal Him.

Attaining the ultimate in knowledge only makes one restless- I am the cure for that malady.

You are the candle of the Assembly of Truth; I am the lamp of the Assembly of Beauty.

You are hobbled by space and time, While I am the bird that can reach up to ‘Sidrah’

My status is so high- I am the throne of the God of Majesty!