The Heart and Soul of Iqbal

When faith is born in these embers of ashes, It takes up the wings of the holy spirit Gabriel

An enslaved mind is unworthy of the sword or the strategy, It is the ecstasy of belief and faith that cuts the chains

Unimaginable is the power of his endeavor, The gaze of a believer can change the destinies

The control, the sovereignty, the realm of knowledge, These are simply the reflections of the nucleus of faith

The Abrahmic vision is rare indeed, though, Desire insidiously takes many forms and shapes

The discrimination between the master and the slave is the sickness of humanity, Beware you! the monopolizers of power, the penalties of nature are harsh.

The truth is one for everything be it divine or mortal, Open the heart of an atom you will see reflection of the cosmos

Unwavering faith, eternal action and the love that conquers the world, These are weapons of the real men in the struggle of life