The Heart and Soul of Iqbal


There comes a voice at the dawn from empyrean: How did the jewel of your intellect get lost?

How did your incisive lancet of enquiry lost its sharpness, why are you unable to explore the hearts of the stars above?

Don’t you deserve to rule in the realm of the hidden and the visible. How can a flame be the slave of dry leaves and straws?

Why are the sun, moon and stars not under your command, why don’t the heavens shudder with your attention?

The blood though still courses through you veins, Neither there is vitality of thought, nor recklessness of doubt.

Though with light yet unable to understand the world, An eye which is not imbibed with a righteous vision…

Nothing remains of you mirror-like conscience, O you! reduced to a lifeless victim of kings, mullahs and mystiques!