The Statistics:
The Global Terrorism Database and preliminary data for the United States for 2018 has identified nearly 350 white extremist terrorism attacks in Europe, North America and Australia from 2011 to 2017. The database is a project of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorismans Responses to Terrorism based at the University of Maryland . About the third of all attacks occurred in the United States. There were at least 38 attacks in the U.S. during this period that targeted places of worship among which mosques were more often the target. About a quarter of white extremist attacks in Europe targeted Muslims and mosques. These attacks increased significantly starting in 2015 along with a wave of xenophobic violence reacting to migrant crisis. Xenophobia was behind a pike in attacks in 2015. At least 86 attacks that year specifically targeted refugee shelters and migrants and dozens more followed in 2016 and 2017.

Informal Global Network:
The manifesto posted on line by the killer at Christchurch, New Zealand, who slaughtered 50 Muslims in two mosques, said he drew inspiration from white extremist terrorist attacks in Norway, United States, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. His reference to those attacks placed him in a kind of global network of white extremists whose violent attacks are occurring with greater frequency in the West. An analysis by The New York Times found that at least a third of white extremist killers since 2011 were inspired by others who perpetrated similar attacks. The connection between the killers span continents and highlight how the internet and social media have facilitated the spread of white extremist ideology and violence. The perpetrator of the deadliest anti-migrant attack at a Munich mall in 2016, planned his rampage for the fifth anniversary of the Norway attack. A school gunman in New Mexico then matched the attack at Munich mall. Altogether they killed 11 people. The killer at Christchurch and four others confessed that they were fascinated by Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right extremist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011.

Attacks in North America:
1. Wisconsin Sikh temple massacre: Aug 5, 2012. Killed 6
2. Jewish Community Center shooting: April 13, 2014. Killed 3
3. Isla Vista Massacre: May 23, 2014. Killed 6
4. UNC Chapel Hill shooting: Feb 11, 2015. Killed 3
5. Charleston Church massacre: June 17, 2015. Killed 9
6. Umpcus Community College massacre: Oct 1st, 2015. Killed 9
7. Quebec City mosque massacre: Jan 20, 2017. Killed 6
8. Olathe Kansas shooting: Feb 23, 2017. Killed 1
9. Manhattan sword attack, one of multiple attacks in New York: Mar 20, 2017. Killed 1
10. University of Maryland stabbing: May 20, 2017. Killed 1
11. Portland train attack: May 26, 2017. Killed 2
12. Charlottesville car attack: Aug 12, 2017. Killed 1
13. Boston Rouge attack: September 2017. Killed 2
14. Aztec High School shooting: Dec 7, 2017. Killed 2

In Europe:
1. Norway attack: July 22, 2011. Killed 77
2. Florence market attacks: Dec 13, 2011. Killed 2
3. Sweden School attack: Oct 22, 2015.Killed 3
4. Munich mall shooting: July 22, 2016. Killed 9